The Day I Met the Eternal Fishnu

On the outing for today, Rubber Ducky decided to stay at the cabin. I thought he just needed some meditation time. But today is the day I would meet his teacher, the teacher of my teacher, the Eternal Fishnu.

The Eternal Fishnu is the manifestation of Vishnu, one of the principal Hindu deities, during what we call the Devonian Era, about 400 million years ago. It’s for this reason that the Petoskey Stone, an artifact from Devonian, is special to Fishnu.

The latter part of the Devonian was the time when creatures (particularly fish – vertebrates) began transitioning to the tetrapods, land-dwelling creatures, eventually us. Certainly that was a critical time for the evolution of Life on Earth. It was the fish manifestation of Vishnu (Fishnu is Vishnu) that lead legions of fish, over tens of millions of years, to move onto the land – a huge paradigm shift requiring divine assistance.

Which begs the question, Why is the Fishnu manifestation of Vishnu here today? Is the movie, Waterworld, about to become true? I did ask Fishnu that and he said, “No … it’s simpler than that. No one would buy a 4-armed bath tub toy.”


Fishnu says to notice how he doesn’t care about being “a fish out of water”.



Eternal Soul

Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet.
The Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet says it doesn’t matter in this world whether or not there is a soul.

I asked Rubber Ducky if there is an eternal soul? He said there is a Duck word, “Mack”, for which there is no direct English translation. But roughly, we could say it means “It doesn’t matter“.

He went on:

“If there is an eternal soul, Mack, this Earth is a school to learn about many facets of the Universe. You can’t learn these things with divine intervention. It would be like placing an exoskeleton on a baby and having that be the way it walks – it will never learn to really walk. If there is NOT an eternal soul, what you do in life lives on forever. As the Duck theorist, Mack, says, ‘If a Blue Heron pecks its beak in the Common Area Pond, lakes in Argentina will freeze over.’ Many very little things in parallel kicks off webs of complex cause and effect, immediately unpredictable as we would need to track everything in the Universe. You interact with dozens if not thousands of people just on your way to work. Each of those interactions kicks the billiard balls in a slightly different direction. At worst, dealing with your Dukkha, which means emptying your mind – so it can be filled with a mode to be in the present, not just when meditating but always, unencumbered by the inertia of what your brain “knows” and a future you don’t control – you will lose your angst. Losing one’s angst so one is freed to see the entire Universe, not just what you think is that cage you call your life, is the Buddha’s teaching.

“Accomplishing that, at best, you have learned to become one with the universe, live out your life helping others now that you ‘put on your oxygen mask first’, and then move on to infinitely neater things; at worst, your brain and body will live angst-free, happy life, taking actions that cascade in unpredictable manners through the life of this Universe, and all of that is you, even what is millions of years from now because you decided to or not to flip off that asshole who cut you off.”

Faith and Patience

Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet with Enso

Rubber Ducky taught me this mantra this morning as we watched Venus rise: Faith and Patience keep me calm so I can focus on the Moment, Om.

Rubber Ducky went on: “There are two parts to ‘faith’ in this mantra. The first is that we’re never certain about anything, so every decision is based on faith. The second part of faith in this context is that no matter what we find ourselves in, it’s a temporary situation. ‘Patience’ is crucial because the realm our human bodies lives in takes time; it’s a complex system where things integrate, disintegrate, and reintegrate in other ways. Being in the ‘moment’ implies that we’ve let go of the past which dictates our actions, which will usually cause us to be in conflict with this 4D piece of the Universe in which our body (including our neurons) reside. The Empty Cup (Mind) frees us from the constraints our past imposes on us. So what is it we focus on? It is the part we play in all of this, no more or less than the part a bear or rabbit plays. Whatever it is, it’s of great value to all of this if we play it perfectly. And this mantra is a meta mantra since it requires its own advice to be of value.”


Tori and Uke


Sigh … Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet, has something else he wishes me to convey. I did warn him that everyone will be tired of him if we don’t pace the messages. He said he is honored that someone who speaks for everyone else and is in charge of what tomorrow will be is in his presence … as I said, a real dick (and that’s not a typo).

In Judo, a person practices a throw using another person offering genuine but restrained resistance. The person executing the throw is called the tori and the person being thrown is called the uke (ooh-keh).

It sounds more fun to be the tori, and we have that wonderful opportunity at the small cost of sometimes being the uke for someone else. The funny thing is that counter-intuitively, there is often more to learn as the uke.

If you wish to translate yourself, here is the original text as transcribed by the voice recorder app on my iPhone:

“Mack maack maaack maaack. Mack mack mack. Maaaack, mack mack. Mack mack mack mack mack. Maaaaaack maaaack maack. Mack mack mack mack mack mack mack mack mack.”