Tori and Uke


Sigh … Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet, has something else he wishes me to convey. I did warn him that everyone will be tired of him if we don’t pace the messages. He said he is honored that someone who speaks for everyone else and is in charge of what tomorrow will be is in his presence … as I said, a real dick (and that’s not a typo).

In Judo, a person practices a throw using another person offering genuine but restrained resistance. The person executing the throw is called the tori and the person being thrown is called the uke (ooh-keh).

It sounds more fun to be the tori. We have that wonderful opportunity of throwing the uke at the small cost of sometimes being the uke for someone else. The funny thing is that counter-intuitively, there is often more to learn as the uke.

If you wish to translate yourself, here is the original text as transcribed by the voice recorder app on my iPhone:

“Mack maack maaack maaack. Mack mack mack. Maaaack, mack mack. Mack mack mack mack mack. Maaaaaack maaaack maack. Mack mack mack mack mack mack mack mack mack.”

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