Faith and Patience

Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet with Enso

Rubber Ducky taught me this mantra this morning as we watched Venus rise: Faith and Patience keep me calm so I can focus on the Moment, Om.

Rubber Ducky went on: “There are two parts to ‘faith’ in this mantra. The first is that we’re never certain about anything, so every decision is based on faith. The second part of faith in this context is that no matter what we find ourselves in, it’s a temporary situation. ‘Patience’ is crucial because the realm our human bodies lives in takes time; it’s a complex system where things integrate, disintegrate, and reintegrate in other ways. Being in the ‘moment’ implies that we’ve let go of the past which dictates our actions, which will usually cause us to be in conflict with this 4D piece of the Universe in which our body (including our neurons) reside. The Empty Cup (Mind) frees us from the constraints our past imposes on us. So what is it we focus on? It is the part we play in all of this, no more or less than the part a bear or rabbit plays. Whatever it is, it’s of great value to all of this if we play it perfectly. And this mantra is a meta mantra since it requires its own advice to be of value.”


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