Day 6 – Pitifully Inadequate Model of the Universe


Day 6 of the Secular Bodhi Day. Tomorrow, Day 7 the last day before the enlightenment of many new Buddhas on the morning of December 8, Bodhi Day.

If you understand what Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet has been saying the past few weeks, meaning you understand that your brain is a pitifully inadequate model of the Universe and therefore deluded, you are already enlightened. You already see the path. You are at the gate!!

I used to teach a highly technical class on this very advanced software. There are countless questions one may have on how to do this or that, tips and tricks.

I would tell them to imagine if I wrote one tip/trick on a PostIt note and stuck them to a blown up balloon just full of air. That empty air represents the core of ignorance, the ignorance of the true nature of that software – it’s just a black box. Every time a new problem shows up, we add another PostIt note until the balloon implodes from the weight of the countless tips and tricks.

But what if they were to study those inner workings first and see the Reality of that software? It isn’t just the sum of its parts. They would then not need to stress themselves with countless tips and tricks because they will know the inner workings. That is enlightenment – as far as that software is concerned. It still takes time to learn deeper aspects of those inner workings of Reality, but it becomes a master skill and not a million seemingly disparate facts.

Our brains have fragmented reality into countless facts without seeing the Reality of the One. Reality isn’t you and me, a collection of sub-atomic particles or the past and future. It is a complete One, everything interrelated.

Or at least that’s what this obnoxious rubber duck tells me …

Here is the Heart Sutra letting me know I’m on the right track:

Heart Sutra confirming we're on the right path.

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