How Many More Springs Would You Like?


As I did some yard work earlier this Spring, I happened upon my friend, the Eternal Fishnu. He thanked me for planting these tulips for him to sit under.

I mentioned how fleeting it is, in fact how fleeting life is. Oh oh, I should have just shut up, because here goes Fishnu:

“Are the tulips fleeting? Is the tulip the flower? Is the tulip the leaves and the flower? Is the tulip gone after the flower withers and the leaves shrivels away? The bulb is still there. Is the tulip the bulb? Does the bulb depend on the Spring? Is the flower more the bulb or is the flower more the Spring? What happens when there are no more Springs?

“How many more Springs would you like? Ten? A thousand? A million? Are you sure? Does your human mind change as fast as the world? Or does your human mind lag, clinging to a time no longer here? Your human mind doesn’t need a million more Springs. With full attention, that is, full awakening to the Grand Process that is the Universe, full acceptance of what is, not what people say there is, there are miracles that can happen within even just one more Spring. One who is fully awakened doesn’t need centuries here. For the Awakened, just a moment will do just fine.”

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