Which Way Do We Go?


On our last hike at Redfish Lake last week, The Eternal Fishnu swam onto this trail sign (he swims through air, space, things …) and said:

“There is really an arrow pointing in EVERY direction, including upwards, downwards, and even through more dimensions. But for your flesh and blood vehicle, not all directions are available. This is by design with no malice intended. It trains your sentience to be fully accepting of what is at your Now, and that is the point of this life on Earth. The point is not to conquer others, generate great wealth, fame, not even health. No matter how powerful, rich, famous, and healthy one may be, they will be as miserable as anyone if they lack the skill for full acceptance. So don’t scatter your attention towards all those countless others pursuing their thing. Be the master of full acceptance of what is now, and you will see the entire Universe. You will know you are this master when you are fully at peace – and that’s the real treasure. A master of Zen hasn’t given up, hasn’t fully capitulated to life. A master of Zen has conquered chaos, the most powerful force out there for an emergent sentience.”

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