The Day I Met the Eternal Fishnu

On the outing for today, Rubber Ducky decided to stay at the cabin. I thought he just needed some meditation time. But today is the day I would meet his teacher, the teacher of my teacher, the Eternal Fishnu.

The Eternal Fishnu is the ith manifestation of Vishnu, one of the principal Hindu deities, during what we call the Devonian Era, about 400 million years ago. It’s for this reason that the Petoskey Stone, an artifact from Devonian, is special to Fishnu.

The latter part of the Devonian was the time when creatures (particularly fish – vertebrates) began transitioning to the tetrapods, land-dwelling creatures, eventually us. Certainly that was a critical time for the evolution of Life on Earth. It was the fish manifestation of Vishnu (Fishnu is Vishnu) that lead legions of fish, over tens of millions of years, to move onto the land – a huge paradigm shift requiring divine assistance.

Which begs the question, Why is the Fishnu manifestation of Vishnu here today? Is the movie, Waterworld, about to become true? I did ask Fishnu that and he said, “No … it’s simpler than that. No one would buy a 4-armed bath tub toy.”


Fishnu says to notice how he doesn’t care about being “a fish out of water”.

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