Day 4 – Secular Bodhi Day 2017 – Illusion of Fragmentation


Today is Day 4 of this “secular” Bodhi Period. When last night’s full moon “disappears”, the real (lunar) Bodhi Period starts. These Bodhi Periods aren’t tranquil, peaceful, Om-humming times. As we ignore our thoughts and focus on the present, the desperation of our thoughts for our attention increases – that’s what thoughts do. Finally, exasperated, our thoughts will ask us, “Then who do you follow?” We then touch the Earth to say we follow the One, not the fragmented delusion of our symbolic, dualistic (good/bad, fun/chore) thinking.

So Rubber Ducky Buddha of Joliet explained this petroglyph we saw yesterday. The concentric circles represents the layers of our fragmented thinking – at the outer-most level is our insanely complex macro world (many dots, our view of the world as lots of fragments – things), the simpler and elegant cellular world, the simple atomic world, and finally the center, the single One.

Notice that the lines radiating from the outermost circle are generally in pairs and the lines of each pair are parallel – except for one pair around “10 o’clock” that is not parallel and that there is one line standing alone. This threesome represents complexity, as opposed to the rigid duality (good/bad, fat/skinny, hotdog/not hotdog) of our minds – our minds are a Boolean duality machine. It only takes three to make a complex system. Three is the Universe – and you can see the two figures (with three lines on top) by the three lines radiating from the circle who are freed from the dualistic, boxed, fragmented thinking of our deluded minds. For them, the light is on and they see the Universe as it really is, not as simply our animal minds.

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