Tomorrow Begins the Secular Bodhi Season


For all of you aspiring Buddhas, the seven days of meditation starts tomorrow! Today you’re supposed to be really frustrated (Wah, life is so unfair!) then insist on sitting under a Bodhi Tree (mine is a log cabin) until you’re enlightened. It will take seven days. On the morning of the 8th day (Friday, December 8th – “8th Day of the 12th moon” – not Thursday … hahaha), as you watch Venus rise, you should have the Four Noble Truths all worked out. It sounds like a tranquil thing, but Mara will torment you all the way through. So empty your cup, drop the bag, and you’ll greet everything with “Is that so?” And look forward to the rice and milk gruel someone from the village will feed you because you’re so emaciated … for me, that’s a big hahaha.

Photo: Look at all that to explore!

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