What are Enemies?

Sega Lilly
Predator and Prey. Not shown are the predators of this very popular prey.

I once asked the Etnernal Fishnu, “Do you have any enemies?”

EF: By your definition, yes, I do. But ‘enemy’ is a concept with meaning only in your fragmented view of the Universe.

Me: Oooo, Oooo, Is he Lucifer, Satan … Beezlebub?! No! Mara!

EF: I know him as Master Pi Lau.

Master Pi Lau, top-left.
Master Pi Lau, top left.

Me: ‘Pie-Lau’? Is he here, on Earth now?

EF: No, ‘Pee-Lau”, and yes, he’s right here.

Me: Right where?

EF: Everywhere. He is everything I am not. Look, he’s right there.

The Eternal Fishnu pointed his fin in some abritrary direction. I looked there and saw a being that looked mostly like Fishnu, but green. I looked back towards Fishnu. “I see him! I see Master Pi Lau! I see him!” But Fishnu wasn’t there. “Fishnu! Where are you?!”

EF: I’m right here.

I turned towards Fishnu’s voice while pointing towards Master Pi Lau. But now Master Pi Lau wasn’t there.

EF: You can’t see us at the same time … we are One. When you see me, he is everything else, and when you see him, I am everything else. Without Master Pi Lau, I have no form for your human eyes to see. All that is not me, shapes me … at least here on this fragmented realm.

EF: Now, let me ask you the same question. Do you have enemies?

I thought about it for a minute.

Me: There are those who I have beefs with, but it’s always been temporary, and ‘enemy’ is much too strong a word for any of those people now.

EF: Are these people, from the present or past, evil? Perhaps they believe you to be the evil one? Did they not forge your spirit, and did you not forge theirs? No matter what our human mind may think of these ‘enemies’ the force of everything forms you.

EF: For the Enlightened, there is no concern for good or evil, better or worse. There is only evolving with the constant change driven by the Eternal Process of creation and destruction. Without which, there is nothing. If everything stopped, the Yin and Yang, the Tori and Uke … yes, conflict between ‘enemies’ … nothing is alive, there is nothing to observe and no observer. A photo has no sound, no dynamic, a Universe without churn is nothing.

EF: Friends, enemies, love, hate … if these notions are within you, you haven’t fully accepted ‘What Is’, ‘Now’. You’re still protesting to the Universe about what is before you. When you stop seeking your Paradise you will be in the Universe’s Paradise.

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